Vehicle Heater Repair 
The heater matrix is a small radiator inside the car that heats up the interior. If your Heater matrix is choked up you won’t get as much heat into the car as you should. Heaters, like car radiators, can choke up due to build up of deposits or dirt in the cooling system.If the heater is too badly blocked we can replace the core with a high performance equivalent.

Bus and truck heater cores are usually copper and brass units so it is very straightforward for us to recondition the unit with a new and efficient core. If the core is not too deteriorated but the heater is choked up, we might be able to clean out the core.


The heater matrix that can be recored-reconditioned need to be made of copper and brass.

Plastic aluminium type heaters cannot be recored.

Repair and clean out to a Mercedes 1963 heater matrix.

Pic showing the build up of sediment insde

the core after the tanks are stripped off the

old core.

Tank ready to be soldered onto new

core heater matrix.

Heater matrix completely recored with parts from old unit.