Our vintage and classic team have worked on hundreds of radiators over the years, we know how to put them right!
Out time served staff have the expertise and skills and offer the following services.

A pressure test will reveal any leaks in the core or tanks of the radiator.
A flow test will determine the extent of any internal blockage to the tubes.
After testing we will contact you with our findings.
Internal blockages may be removed with a chemical clean. Badly blocked cores will require a replacement.
External blockage in the core can be removed with steam cleaning
We are able to repair many leaking radiators, tube leaks, core leaks, tank leaks and fitting leaks. We use many repair techniques depending on the problem.
Some radiators will recondition. We will strip the radiator down and clean all parts. Tubes will be unblocked and tube joints resoldered. Reassembled and tested.
We can recore any radiator and offer many different specification of cores
Vintage and Veteran radiators can be recored with modern high performance cores are offered as a superior cooling alternative to the original. We can talk you through all options for your vehicle. Any price that we  quote would include any necessary work to the rest of the radiator, damaged tanks etc.

All recorded radiators are individually inspected and tested prior to spray painting 



Radiator Core made with a

3 Row X pattern which is for high efficiency engine cooling to suit a 1968 Mini.

Core Upgrading form the old type


Two types of upgraded core are available. An 'X-type Packed Construction' core (Pic A) has more tubes and a higher fin pitch to increase the surface area the cool air flows over. The X-type is the most efficient core available in copper and brass and is available in many different numbers of row (thickness.) An upgraded 'Tube & Fin' (Pic B) is also available which, though not quite as efficient as the X-type, is more durable and resistant to vibration. 

If your car is having problems with overheating, the core might be corroded and a build up of deposits inside it can restrict water flow. Older types of anti-freeze were not as good at resisting corrosion and sometimes radiators have had an under spec core fitted in the past. The difference in cost between fitting a replacement core that has the same cooling capacity as the original and upgrading one is not considerable as the only extra cost is the higher price of the core.

Mini radiator fitted with the bottom tank on a 3 Row X pattern high efficiency core.

Mini radiator reconditioned with a 3 Row X pattern high efficiency core.

Vintage Jaguar XK 150 Radiator 1958 with an old type original honeycomb Core before it is 

to be reconditioned with a high

efficiency core.

A picture showing the old honeycomb core which is totally blocked from the Jaguar XK150 radiator.

Vintage Jaguar XK150 Radiator after being reconditioned with a high efficiency core.

Repair to a Hillman IMP 1965 radiator which had leaks.

Riley 1938 radiator before it is stripped down and reconditioned by our workshop team.

Riley 1938 radiator after it has been reconditioned and spray painted with heat resistant paint by our workshop team.

Triumph 1956 radiator before it is stripped down and reconditioned by our workshop team.

Above picture showing the new core  to be replaced into the Triumph and old Core which is totally blocked.

Triumph 1956 radiator after it has been reconditioned and spray painted with heat resistant paint by our workshop team.


Most orders are dispatched by Courier Service so it is important to give your 
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